AngularJS is pure Typescript��� framework used commonly as a front-end Technology.Most commonly known for Hybrid Mobile application development

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UX Training

Angular JS key factors

  • Introduction
  •   Basic introduction Javascript
  •   Typescript
  •   Difference between JS and typescript.
  •   Setting environment
  • Architecture
  •   Arichitecture of angularjs2
  •   Component definition
  •   Module definition
  •   Meta data
  • Concepts Core
  •   Forms definition
  •   Service using JSON and binding the values
  •   Ngfor,NgSwitch and other looping func.
  •   practicing the conditions
  • Hybrid Mobile APP Development
  •   Dom Manipulation
  •   Custom Directives
  •   Ionic architecture and flow
  •   Hybrid workflow and architecture.
  • Ionic Concepts
  •   Ionic Navcontroller and other concepts.
  •   Navpush and navpop.
  •   Developing ionic components
  •   practicing ionic
  • Practice
  •   Building mobile application
  •   Sample projects
  •   Working with cordova plugins.
  •   Implementing Cordova and testing it